April 23, 2013

Different, Not Less

I recently watched a movie about this woman. She is absolutely amazing. Her name is Temple Grandin and she is an inspiration. Temple was born with autism, and yet she has conquered the world. She went to boarding school and college, has a major in animal science, and is teaching at Colorado State University. An amazing woman, and yet the world would ostracize her. She had to fight her way to the life she has.

One of the lines that was said a few times in the movie was "different but not less." She is different, and she knows it; but she also knows that her differences do not make her any less than the rest of us. I have so much respect for this wonderful woman! She is a beacon of light in a dark world, someone people look up to, respect, and admire. She's strong and persistent and diligent. We need more people like her in this world.

All of us are different, there's no doubt about that. We each have little quirks that make us individuals, that set us apart from everybody else. How boring would the world be if we could all do the same things at the same level? Bleh! We are all peculiar, and we need to embrace those things that make us different. Those differences don't make us of any less worth. In the sight of God, we are all great and we are all His glorious, beautiful children.

Let's not judge others based on their differences. It's human nature to put people who are different than us below us on our worth scales. But those are evil and dangerous thoughts. It's something I need to work really hard on. People will never be worth any less, no matter how terrible or quiet or different they are. Just ask Temple. People put her beneath them, and yet she is so gifted and so talented and so smart. She is not less.

You are different, but that does NOT mean that you are less.

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