February 24, 2013

Whole-Hearted Reliance

I am in a choir (though I don't sing all that well) and there is a song we sing that has been stuck in my head recently. It is absolutely beautiful, and the words captivate me. I think about them and I want to share one line with you:

"On Him, my heart relies." 

I've given this a lot of thought. What does it mean to have your heart rely on someone or something? Is it worth it? On what or where does my heart rely? And I think I've discovered some answers. By definition, rely means to depend on someone or something with all of your being. You have complete trust in this person or thing. I consider a computer reliant. I can rely on my friends, my family. But to have your heart rely on someone or something, I think, requires so much more trust. You would put your life into it's hands. I don't think I could rely on my computer that way. But I know that my heart can truly rely on Him: my Savior, my Redeemer, my Brother, my Friend.

And it is so, so worth it! By relying on Him, it means I can turn to Him for anything. Anything. I can talk to Him about my life, and He and my Heavenly Father will help me. I can rely on Them for guidance and for love, for reassurance and for comfort, for peace and for joy. Anything. But in order to receive these blessings and so many more, I, we, have to let our hearts rely on our Savior, knowing that He will always lift us up.

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