February 26, 2013

He Speaks

I love little children. Sometimes, they bring out the worst in us, but they can also bring out the best in us. Example. I pulled into my driveway today and there was a cute little family of four out, the parents and two little kids. They were teaching their oldest to ride a tricycle and to always go to the farthest end of the corner so that he could watch for cars. The little boy kept looking over his shoulder at his dad, to see if he was doing alright and would end up swerving towards the middle of the road. And the dad said something that struck me as extremely profound. And he probably didn't even think twice about saying it.

"You don't have to see me to hear me."

It made me think about my own Dad. The one I don't see all that often...because He is in Heaven. I don't have to see Him to hear Him. I know that He hears me everyday when I hit my knees and pray. And I know that I can hear Him speak to me personally, but I have to be patient and hear what He is trying to say. I hear Him say, "This is for you" every time it rains. I can hear Him say "You did a good job. Thank you" every time I help another. I can hear Him say "I love you so much and I am so proud of you" every time I choose the right and do something good.

I know that He speaks to everyone of us. We just need to hear Him. Hearing is different than listening, which is what we tend to do sometimes. When we listen, we understand the words that are being said to us, and that's about it. When we hear, we understand the words and apply them to ourselves. So don't just listen to your Father. Hear Him! He isn't always visible to us, but that doesn't mean He isn't speaking to us every day of our lives.

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