February 21, 2013

The Unknown

Why do we fear the unknown? What's so scary about it? All we know about it is...that we don't know. When I think of the unknown, I think of the future. It's elusive and mysterious. And yet, the things we are doing right now are affecting our own unknowns. If we fear the unknown, or the future, then doesn't that just mean we are afraid of the consequences that our choices have? And if that's the case, then why should we fear? The only reason is that we are making choices that have outcomes we don't want to face.

That shouldn't be the case, though! The choices we are making now should lead us to a life full of joy and wonder, full of laughter and love. But we tend to psych ourselves out and convince ourselves that we aren't good enough for that future, which is probably the root of our fear; we fear that we can't have the future we want. But we can. We can have the future we've always hoped for. We just have to face our fears and make the choices that will lead us to our full lives. If we realize this, the unknown might not seem so scary and elusive after all.

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