April 13, 2015

What the "Big" City?!?

So yes. Cortez. Way up der in Colorado. Where there is a Walmart. WALMART. Do y'all realize that I haven't served anywhere this big before?? Kirtland didn't even have a grocery store, Bloomfield was kind of big but we had Rez and it was spread out and there were trailer parks and stuff, La Sal and Paradox....yeah that was itty bitty and super spread out, and St. Mikes I'm used to dirt roads and run down sheds for houses and hogans and trailers that are falling apart.....and then God thinks it's funny to send me to a place with a Walmart. I can't remember the last time I've seen so many neighborhoods and nice houses. It's crazy. I've been overwhelmed all week. But on the plus side, we get free Coldstone and free Dairy Queen once a week :) Perks of city life.

But, this week has been so good!! It's been a week full of miracles and setting goals and getting the vision for Cortez 1st ward. My companions are GREAT! It's so weird to be with these folk from the MTC, but it's so awesome too. We've been able to see the changes that we've made in the last 14 months in each other, which has been reassuring to see that I actually have changed, and so have they. So that's been something we've been talking about. Our bikes are broken, so we're on foot, but it's been so good to just get re-aquainted and tell all of our crazy and exciting stories that we've missed out on :)

So this week we went to the Home and Garden show. It was so fun! We met tons of people. Like this guy from Guatemala (I think) named Acupano who was selling CDs that he and his brother made (he plays the pan pipes....Sis. Bowler got his CD), and this awesome hand made jewlery, so I got myself some earrings. But yeah, it was an awesome opportunity for us to find more service opportunities, and also to talk to people about the Because He Lives video. It was so cool! And tons of fun.

We started a tradition of Frosty Friday for weekly planning at Wendys. SO FUN. We just go and talk to people and make sure they hear about the gospel, and then we get a frosty and fries to go. Actually I got chicken nuggets last time but still, so good. It reminds me of me and Sis. Wilson, back in the good ol' days, when we went to Happy Hour on Fridays :)

So I want to tell you about Brittny. We met her walking around, and she was getting out of her car when we were in her apartments. We stopped to talk to her, and she told us that she had been baptized, but hadn't been to church for years and years, but had started thinking about getting into it again. So we had a lesson with her and helped her download the gospel library app (thank you technology!) and she's doing awesome! She didn't come to church this week, but we have another lesson with her this week, so I'll keep you posted on her.

And the Talleys were at church! They are a really cool husband and wife (well....common law....that'll be changed though don' t worry...) who have a one year old daughter and one on the way. There's a man in our ward who is a super good fellowshipper, and he brought them to church with him! So that was really exciting. AND, they stayed all three hours, which was awesome. Bro. Talley was asking questions and trying to understand things during gospel principles, and Sis. Talley had a huge smile on her face after Relief Society. It was awesome. They're doing wonderful things! The next step is to get them on date for baptism!!

Well, your challenge this week is to develop charity. That's something I'm working on, being in a new area and all. So that's what I want you to work on, too, so we can all be more Christ-like together :)

And your scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5. The whole chapter, but especially verses 2, 10, and 16-18. I love it all.

I love you!! Have a great week!! You're the greatest!!

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