April 7, 2014

“Of What Fold Are Ye” Alma 5:39

Mundane facts! So for personal study, I have to study the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes, the New Testament for 15 minutes, and then study according to the needs of my investigators (i.e. if we are teaching the Restoration that day, I study the Restoration). So yeah, it's awesome and I highly recommend studying that way. Also, I have to exercise 30 minutes in the morning and I get lots of rest usually.

So food adventures this week, I had my first Navajo taco!! Oh my goodness they are so heavenly. I love them so much! It's basically fry bread (I will learn how to make it before I get home) and then taco stuff smothered on top. So good. Fry bread is like a sopapilla but better. Like a lot better.

And I had my first stacked enchilada...with an egg on top...which is a New Mexico thing. SO GOOD. It's basically a tortilla with cheese on top and then red sauce and meat, then repeat several times until desired amount is on your plant, and then you put toppings (i.e. lettuce and onions and such) and a fried egg on top. Oh man, by itself the stacked enchiladas are super good, but the egg on top just completes the whole thing. I looooove it.

As a missionary, I get all this amazingly good food, and yet I still somehow wind up craving things like chocolate all the time. It's horrible, because most people feed us dessert after, but it's not chocolate...but I did have no bake cookies this week and they were so good. SO good.

So this week some potential investigators asked us to feed their farm while they were on spring break. That's right: feed the farm. So we went over everyday and fed the sheep’s and rams and goats and horse hay and then gave the chickens and ducks and rooster and geese some pellets that I guess are their food and then fed the cats who scared us every time we went over and then fed the dogs. And gave them all water. It was so fun, except the dogs were ridiculously wild and they almost ran out of food. But as far as we know, they are all still alive! We haven't been back in a few days, but we'll probably visit them tomorrow.

On one of the days the wind was blowing so hard that you couldn't even yell over  the wind without getting dust in your mouth. Actually, I think it's dirt, not dust. And when we poured the water into the dog's dishes, it felt like your legs were being rained on. Yeah the wind was really bad. We thought it couldn't get worse. And then we went over to have a lesson and were standing outside waiting for the door to open and yeah, it got worse. My hair was all over the place and you could feel the individual pieces of dirt and sand and dust beating your skin. It was not so fun! Their glass door didn't even protect us! Luckily the third time we knocked, the door opened. We asked him if that was as bad as it got and he told us it could get worse. WORSE THAN THAT??? It was crazy. I mean wind storms are bad, but when the sun is covered and the sky is brown and it looks foggy but it's actually all the dust in the air, it's bad. Really bad.

There were actually two dust storms this week, too. That one was on Wednesday, and then there was one on Saturday that wasn't as bad as the first one. But it was bad because Sis. Farnsworth and I ran out of miles from going to Shiprock, which meant that we were walking as much as we could. So yeah, we had to walk through the dust storms and crazy wind. I pretty much gave up on my hair on those days.

We got to do some service for a sweet older lady in our ward! She has lots of health problems. Her husband is super sweet, too, but he was working outside. So we helped her clean her entire living room and she was so happy. It was awesome, and I absolutely loved helping her. She told us the story of how she and her husband met (he spilled beer down her shirt...ha!) and they were both an answer to each other's prayers...she wanted to quit drinking and he wanted to quit going to bars to dance and they met each other, had their first date Christmas eve, and were married about a month later! And then they worked at going to the temple and getting their lives in order, and now they're spiritual giants. I love them so much!!

Nobody lets us do service around here...they think that because we're sisters we shouldn't or something like that. It's ridiculous. And then as soon as we show up in our pants, they're like okay why not. It's the skirt's fault we don't get to do much service!! Blame it on the skirts.

The women's broadcast was so good!! Oh man I love it so much and now I am even more pumped for conference this weekend!! We had two less actives come (none of the investigators we invited could come) and it was so perfect for them! Sister F was one of them, and she cried through the whole thing. It was so powerful. And then Sis. P, who's an older widow with lots of health problems and we were so glad she came! The talk about being sisters made me cry because first I thought of Sarah, my actual sister, but then I thought of all the other wonderful ladies in my life: my aunts and my mom and my grandmas and my cousins and my friends, and I just cried because I am so grateful for every single one of your influences in my life!! You all (and you men too) have pushed me to where I am now, and you wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for your help!!

And I have to tell you the best part of being a missionary is personal study and companion study. It's great to teach people, but teaching only goes as well as your studies do. Lately, Sis. Farnsworth and I have been talking about the Restoration a ton. A TON. Which is good because I'm just beginning to realize how important it is. It really is the single most important event in this last dispensation. Read that again and think about it. Of all the things that have happened: missionary age change, family proclamation, temples being built....all those things are important, but they all have happened because of the Restoration. Because a 14 year old boy read one verse of scripture and decided to pray out loud. Because a 14 year old boy overcame adversity and persecution and was steadfast. Because a 14 year old boy grew to become a prophet who translated the evidence of the Restoration, the Book of Mormon. And that's how you can know. You can hold in your hands the one thing that will tell you whether or not this is the true church. You can flip through the pages, you can read it, you can know. Just by reading it, by pondering it, and by praying about it, you can know that the Restoration happened, and begin to understand the magnitude of this great and marvelous work.

Okay I'm out of time, but your challenge this week is to pray every time something good happens! I'm doing it too. So when you find a parking spot or when you get a good grade or when someone compliments you. Say a small prayer of gratitude. It's something Sis. Farnsworth talked about in a lesson we were in yesterday, and I want to do it too, so I'll be doing it right there with you!

And I know it's long, but read Alma 5! That's your scripture for the week. That's where I'm at right now and oh man, all his questions just hit me so hard every time I read it.

Love you all! Wish you the best of weeks, and remember to ponder on those everyday miracles that are happening all around you!
Sister Garcia

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