March 27, 2014

God will lift us up!

First things first: Yes same address! My companion and I are both fact the whole district is except for one sister who was in a trio is leaving. Pretty crazy! So let the mail flood begin! (Just kidding, you don't have to flood the mailbox...its not very big)

I got my Navajo nametag!! The coolest thing ever.  I love it. So last Monday, Sis. Farnsworth and I went exploring! There's this road that leads to a huge desert patch that we've been wanting to drive just cuz, so we did. And it was so fun. It's so adventurous to drive off road through desert! I'm cool, I know. But we found a lazyboy out there and took pictures on cool. People throw away weird things here in the most random places. Today we're going out to Shiprock, which is a lot of reservation, and we're going to have a zone activity out there. So there will probably be awesome pictures next week, too!

Mundane fact about my mission: I live in the Taj Mahal of missionary apartments. Well actually it's just a double wide trailer that is huge and way too big for all of us, but it's fun. So yeah I don't even live in a house, just a large, non-mobile trailer that looks like a house. They call it the Taj Mahal because it's so big.

So this week was so cool. One of the best miracles happened!! Last week, one of our less actives came to church for the first time in 20 years!! Sister F. I love her and I will always remember her. She loved it. She's been searching for a job for the last 2 months at least and has been rejection letters every week for the last 2 months. And we started visiting with her about two months ago, and the more we visited with her the more she pulled out her scriptures, looked at her mission photos, prayed, and read her patriarchal blessing. She was just missing church attendance! So she came, and on Monday she had an interview, and on Tuesday she got a job. Yeah!!!! Two months at least of searching and not being able to pay bills or buy groceries, and two days after coming to church, she got a job with fantastic hours, within walking distance, and with weekends and holidays off. So go to church!!!

We also met with a family that is less active, who my companion says reminds her of Duck Dynasty. They have a legitimate barnyard in their backyard, and we got the tour of it. And then we got 8 eggs out of it, too, which was so nice of them to give!! But yeah it was crazy, and I went back to the car smelling like animals and covered in dog fur. But it was fun.

I have a Navajo grandfather!!!!

We've been meeting with this super cool guy named Blue. He's a Navajo man with very traditional beliefs, and he's been nice enough to talk to us. We helped him in his yard twice this week and the second time we got to have a lesson with him about the Book of Mormon! He seemed super interested. But the best part was that he gave the opening prayer. He prayed half in Navajo (Navajo prayers are the coolest, just so you know) and half in English, and at one point he switched into English and said something like "Bless these ladies for coming to visit me (everyone here calls us the ladies). They are like granddaughters to me. Creator, bless my granddaughters." So he adopted my companion and I in his prayer!! Haha okay so not literally adopted but it was so sweet! And he hugged us one time and it was the most awkward thing. But I survived, and he's so nice to us! We love him so much.

And just so you know, paternal grandfather in Navajo is "nully" and maternal grandfather is "chay" (excuse the spelling...I don't know how to spell it). So we're not sure which to call him, but he's awesome and he told us he would read the Book of Mormon!!

So yeah those are some highlights of the week! We also knocked on lots of doors, but a lot of people weren't home. And people probably will still not be home since it's spring break (so happy spring break to everyone...except for me and whoever else has to work this week). But I don't wanna take spring break off, so it's all good!!

Your challenge this week is to read something in the Bible Dictionary. The Bible Dictionary has become one of my best friends, and I love it so much!! I would recommend fear or faith or hope or Sabbath day...those are all some really good ones. But just think of a topic and look it up!!

And your scriptures this week are 2 Nephi 4:20-21 (really the whole chapter) and D&C 98:1-3.

Love you all lots and lots!! Til next week, have a good one!
Sister Garcia

P.S. My first name is like a foreign word...I've thought about going home and going back to college and introducing myself as Courtney and it just sounds weird and not right....missionary probs.

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