April 21, 2014

Because of Him...

If you have not watched that video on lds.org, watch it. It's only like 3 minutes and it's so good. SO good. Watch it...please :) (Because of Him)

Food adventure this week! I ate Korean cake. There's a couple in our ward, and the wife is an Korean. But don't be fooled, Korean cake is not actually cake. It's not sweet at all. Picture a large plate-sized ravioli that has cilantro-looking leaves folded into it. Yeah it didn't look too apetizing, but it was pretty good. It was salty and tasted like a noodle with some vegetables in it.

We had zone conference this week! It was excellent. There were probably about 70+ missionaries there...it was 3 zones, which are each made up of 2 districts which has anywhere between 6 and 12 missionaries per district (for those who don't know the missionary things...it's okay I didn't either until I came out). It was really fun because I got to see Sis. Huch, one of my MTC companions, and Sis. Panoussi, who was in my district!! It was so fun. But it was so great because President Batt talked all about faith, how the past, present, and future make up your faith. Because in the future you have to have faith and hope that God has a plan and is guiding you to the right places. In the present you have to act in faith and take a step into the dark. And in the past because you grow from trials that built your faith (even though you didn't necessarily notice it growing). Pretty neat, huh? It was so good. SO good. I have lots and lots of notes from it, and all by the Spirit (something he challenged us to do), so it's awesome.

We met with a a fun investigator this week!  I think she's taken the lessons on and off for about 6 years now, and she keeps coming back. The first time I met her she said that she kept coming back and didn't know why and Sis. Farnsworth and I were thinking, "it's the Spirit telling you it's right"!  She is super into Renaissance-fairs, but to the extreme. Apparently, all of America is divided into kingdoms and the kingdoms have wars, and barons and knights and archers and all these things, and yeah she and her husband and son are WAY into it. She makes her own clothing for these things and is taking classes about how to sword fight and how to knit these fancy trims for her outfits and it's crazy. But cool. And she's obsessed with homework...so we leave her a chapter to read or a pamphlet and she says "I read it 3 times, are you proud of me?" and "what's my homework this week?" Well we had a lesson with her last week and told her that her homework was to pray and ask a specific question. And she just looked at us, haha! And she said well I'm scared to do that and we asked her why and she said "I don't know. Maybe that'll be my specific question: why am I such a chicken." And we said yeah do that. So in the closing prayer she said "My specific question for you today is why am I such a chicken. Don't answer me right away, let me mull it over a bit, and let me have my answer by the time the girls come back to see me." So sweet! But it's a good question because she knows it's true but she just doesn't want to admit that she knows it yet. So this question is going to make her progress!

So here they have this thing called Easter Sunrise Service. I've never heard of it before, but our church did it, and so did almost all the other churches around here. We had a meeting at 7:30 in the morning and they had the stake choir sing, and videos about Christ, and a speaker who talked about Easter. It was really cool. And then we had regular church again. So we went to 4 hours of church yesterday, but it was so awesome. AWESOME. All of it was so great and it was just a fun place. But we walked in a little late to the 7:30 meeting and we sat in front of one of the Brothers in our ward and his wife and he leaned forward and said "it's about time you two showed up!" Haha he's one of my favorites in the ward because everytime he sees us, he gives us candy and says "maybe one of these days I'll get to hug ya." And they just got back from their mission in Florida a little bit ago! So they're incredible.

I am just in a fantastic ward. I mean the Bishop called mom a couple weeks ago, and this week one of the ladies we visited texted mom a picture of me and Sis. Farnsworth (shown above) and another lady gave us a HUGE Easter basket Saturday night. The ward loves us, and I am so blessed to be in it! I love everyone I meet, and I feel like there's always a friendly face to turn to when I go to church or dinner or stop in for a visit. It's so wonderful. The Sister that brought us a huge Easter basket is so awesome. She's the family history lady of the ward, and she loaded us up with fruit (heavenly...I miss fresh fruit and vegetables so much), candy, soap, and lotion.

And yesterday we visited another Sister in our ward who can't get around too much. She told us that she was worried about transfers because "they can't take my girls!" It was so cute. I love her so much!! I just love everybody though. Who knew I could love every person I meet so much!

Your challenge this week is to "reach out and share," something L. Tom Perry said a couple conferences ago. Use your social media, whatever it is, and share your testimony, whether it's in words or in a picture or in a video...just share it! You never know who it can touch.

Omni 1:26

Love you all tons and tons!! Have the best week and remember that you are known by the most powerful being of all!
Sister Garcia

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