October 26, 2013


We lived with our Father, our Brother, and our Mother. We walked with Them, talked with Them, revered Them. We fought a war of words to come to this world. We wanted to be like our Father in Heaven: perfect, exalted, glorious. We were there when Jesus said the glory be thine. We watched as the Son of the Morning, our brother Lucifer, presented a plan contrary to the will of our Father. We cried as 1/3 of our brothers and sisters chose Satan over Christ. We agonized as they were cast out of the presence of our Father. We willingly came to this earth, knowing that we would suffer and be tempted along the way, but also knowing that we have the chance to repent, to turn to Christ, and to return to our Father and to live with Him once more.

We are loved by the Creator of all things. We are loved beyond our mortal understanding. We are known by the Creator of worlds. We are known even better than we know ourselves. Our pasts, our presents, our futures, are all known by our Father who is in heaven. We are here for a purpose that has been designed specifically for us. We are meant to do great things, and we will be guided by His Holy Spirit as we pray and ask for directions. We are never left comfortless. We walk amongst angels, children of the Most High. We never walk alone. 

We are important in the eyes of the Almighty God.

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