October 9, 2013


More commonly, mayday. In French, it literally means "help me." A little French lesson. You can say "je m'aide" which literally means "I help myself," or you could say "vous m'aidez" which basically means "you help me."

When you are in danger, on the verge of falling off your rocker, on the Titanic that's sinking, in dire need of assistance, don't be afraid to call for help. Please, cry with all your might "vous m'aidez." People will come to your aid, if you ask good people. You have friends, or even just one friend, a family, or even just a cousin. Regardless of who it is, you have somebody who wants to help you.

The best thing you can do when you need help, though, is fall on your knees and ask your Father in Heaven for help. He will send you an angel. "Angels are around to help us all; we are angels hiding in the bones of humans." God has placed these people, that person, in your life to help you, so let them help you!

If you really feel that they can't help you, then think about "je m'aide." Sometimes, you are the only person who can help yourself. It takes bravery and courage, it takes strength and effort, it takes time and patience; helping yourself will take it's toll, but You. Can. Do. It. You can do it. Just remember to ask for divine assistance from your Father.

Il va vous aider, si vous lui laissez. 

He will help you, if you let Him.

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