August 9, 2013

After the Storm

This morning started off all fine and dandy. The sky was clear, the breeze was slight. I went to class, nothing out of the ordinary. Two hours later, I walked out of class, and the breeze had turned to a forceful wind, the sky had turned gray, and thunder was clapping, accompanied by its eternal companion: lightning.

Have you noticed that this can happen in life a lot? That we will have moments where the sky is clear and things are looking good, but shortly after our life turns chaotic and stormy? That is a part of life. Trials and hard times come. It's how we face them that matters. As I've said many times before, remember that there is always going to be a calm after your storm.

As I look outside my window, I can see the clouds receding, the wind slowing down. Things are clearing up. And you know what? The earth just seems a little cleaner.

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