July 8, 2013

Word of the Week: Waste

Toxic waste is a logical thing to avoid, I would hope. I think that it is very easy to not go near it and to heed those warning signs. But wasting away is harder to avoid. We do it when we watch television for longer than we meant to. We do it when we spend more time on social media than we meant to. We do it when we hang out with a friend we know is not good for us. We do it completely unintentionally, which is why wasting time and effort is so hard to avoid.

But as with all things, when we are aware that we are wasting time or effort or money, we are less likely to do it. Maybe we need to set a time limit on our phones or check the clock until we log off...something that will keep us doing productive things.

Now there are times when social media and television and such can be used productively, like when you are watching a movie with your family or checking up on your friends to make sure they're alright; but when other things can't happen because so much time is spent on pointless things, that's when time and effort are wasted. Be mindful and filter out the things that are unnecessary. You can become happier that way. I've seen it in my own life.

Let's make an effort to not waste time. Avoid those toxic activities, because I promise they will not give you any super skills, only take them away.

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