July 1, 2013

Word of the Week: Muster

This is usually associated with strength or courage. It's like building something up, gathering what you have. I think we do that a lot more than we realize, like when we give a presentation, or say something that takes guts, or even telling a random person that you like their shirt.

I heard a phrase once, that is pretty cool: muster any strength. Isn't it cool how one word makes a difference? "Muster any strength" makes it seem like it requires effort to be courageous or be strong, which I think is true. And I think that's what holds us back, a lot of the time: we don't want to put forth the effort, or we don't realize that it takes effort to stand and be strong.

Don't ever let work hold you back. Putting forth an effort is what changes us, what improves us, what will end up glorifying us. Muster the strength or the courage to do somethings spontaneously cool this week. Someone's life will be touched if you do. 

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