May 1, 2013

Great Heights

H. David Burton gave a talk in October of 2001 entitled "Standing Tall." In it, he said something spectacular.

"You reach the greatest heights while on your knees."

I read this and I wondered how it was possible to reach great heights when we are physically low to the ground. I pondered it a lot, and after a while, I realized what it meant.

The first thing I thought of was kneeling to pray. A good majority of the time, that's how I say my prayers. Kneeling shows respect to our Father in Heaven, who has given us all, and is symbolic of us submitting our wills to His. When we pray, that's when the "a-ha" moments come, when we are able to understand something, or feel peace, or be comforted. That is when we can feel ourselves growing closer to God, closer to living with Him in His kingdom as we fall on our knees in fervent prayer.

There are also times when we are figuratively on our knees. We are heavily burdened with the cares of the world, pressured by peers and trials, school and work. But when we turn to the Lord and fervently pray to have the strength to lift these burdens, our loving Savior Jesus Christ will be there to help us arise to the challenge of life. Because He, a perfect being in every way, suffered through these same burdens and sins, pains and sorrows, we are able to receive His divine aid, so long as we ask for it. The infinite power of Christ's Atonement enables us to reach our greatest heights, to reach our full potential as children of the Heavenly King.

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