April 12, 2013

Branching Out

A dear friend of mine, Brie Gould, challenged me to do this post. Some internal reflecting was required and I'm not one to say no to a challenge. So, here's some things about me that people may never know.

I recently discovered the art of painting nails, and I would consider myself to be quite good. 
I've thought about making a nail blog...but nah, it's too much work and I'm too lazy.

I really want to move.
Every 2 years or so, I feel this itch to move to someplace new. It's practically in my blood, considering I've done it almost my whole life.

I have a completely irrational fear of the Cheshire Cat.
It's seriously so bad that I can't look at the moon when it's real small and looks like his smile. I get chills and cringe away. Long story short, I had a nightmare about him popping up in every P.O. box at the post office, one by one, just his smile and his eyes. Creepy.

When I was little, I decided I wanted to be like Tigger.
So I took a black marker and an orange marker and covered myself in stripes. I did the same thing to my little brother, and we bounced around the house till we found our mom, who then proceeded to freak out a little bit (she was having a bad day as it was, so when her kids came bouncing around the corner...I can see why she did).

I'm blind and have a broken jaw.
Okay not really...but my eyes are absolutely horrid. I can't hardly read things when they're a foot away from me. And my jaw is so bad I have to wear this night mouthguard to keep it from getting any worse that I'll have for the rest of my life. Joy.

I am allergic to most every sunscreen and necklace.
It's only Bull Frog/Neutrogena sun block and sterling silver necklaces for me. It's not a pretty sight otherwise.

I can sew.
I made this huge quilt a while ago. It's blues and greens and browns with a frog theme going on for no particular reason. I am quite proud of it. I've made little pillows that are absolutely adorable, too.

I'm a cry baby.
I weep during movies. Downton Abbey, sobbed. Nicholas Sparks stuff, blubbered. High School Musical 3...not my proudest moment.

I love writing little notes to my friends just 'cause.
I don't know. Just something about not having to talk to them in person, but still telling them how much I appreciate them is just fun (wow I must be antisocial). I have to come up with new things to say about them, so it makes it even more fun. I always put myself in their shoes and think about how happy I would be if I randomly got a note from one of my friends.

It's really hard for me to open up to people.
It takes a while for me to warm up to people. I usually keep my thoughts to myself because I don't think people will understand me. They just can't handle all this yet.

I've done it, though! I'm working on improving this last random thing about myself. I'm doing it now, through this quaint little blog of mine. My thoughts are yours to read. I'm branching out, broadening my horizons, putting myself out there. I challenge you to branch out and put yourself out there with me; let's work on this together. And who knows, maybe we'll discover our future or something wonderful about ourselves or the world by doing so.

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