February 17, 2013

Who Am I?

Many a times I have asked myself this seemingly simple question...who am I?

I'm a girl who doesn't mind a good thunderstorm. I love the rain, to see the lightning dance across the sky and hear the thunder that fills the sky. I could sit and watch the sky for hours, marveling at the beauty that the trees seem so much more beautiful, more green and alive when the sky is dark and gray.

I'm a "normal" girl who daydreams about having a boyfriend named Pierre who is chivalrous and wonderful, who tells me I'm beautiful and I'm the love of his life. I dream of going to Paris and meeting him. I daydream about visiting France in general, because I find it wonderful. I want to hike the Alps again and visit all the little shops in the little town of Chamonix, where it never gets to be above 70 degrees.

I'm a girl who's anxious to travel. Since the day I was born, I've pretty much been a nomad, not staying anywhere for more than about 2 years. My family and I have broken a record by staying here for 5 years, and in those 5 years, we've had 3 different houses. I embrace moving and find joy in meeting new people. I've been to about 45 of the 50 United States, and I can't wait to see more. I want to explore the world and know of it's mysteries, because it is so vast and wonderful, and each new place has it's own unique style and vibe.

I'm curious, probably more than I should be, and think about random things. Who took the time to think about time? Why 24 hours? Did a committee get together and decide that the world was going to be active during the time when it's brightest outside? And why not when it's dark? The nighttime's not so bad.

But in all seriousness, I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, and this last week I found my answer. I am just a girl, one out of a bajillion in this world; but I am known. I have a Father in Heaven who knows me, knows who I am and who I am meant to become. He sent His only Son to die for me, because He knew I would make mistakes, and His Son came to help me fix them so that I can return home to my Heavenly Parents. I am a beloved and beautiful daughter of God.


  1. I LOVE being out in the middle of the night. Grandma used to have a paper route and I would go with her sometimes and it was great. There is a whole world going on, a behind-the-scene world that no one knows about unless you are out in it. It's a secret club that you have to belong to and you can tell the visitors and the regulars.

    And PS...you live in the wrong place to watch thunderstorms. Come my way to see real ones. :)