February 18, 2013

Got Confusion?

99% of the time, other people are confusing. I think that's just part of life, learning to deal with the confusing people. Take this guy I know for example. Basically, he and I started out as acquaintances. I knew him, and frankly I did not like him at all. He knew me probably as "that one girl in my class who thinks she knows the answer to anything and everything." More than once, this guy (not to his knowledge) sent me to my car crying because of things he had said. Then, somehow, things changed. We were assigned as partners for this thing and he started to be nice to me. Not nice as in friends nice, but as in flirting nice.

Take this weekend for example. I went to this church dance, not really expecting to do much dancing. And this guy who has started being nice to me asked me to dance. He walked by me (I was sitting down), back tracked, and asked me to dance. So I stood up and he took my hand...and then pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. He told me "you deserve a spotlight dance" and then he proceeded to dance with me. If that's not confusing, his sudden transformation, then I don't know what is.

My philosophy on how to handle confusing situations? Handle it one step at a time. Sometimes, that one step is backwards, so you can look at the bigger picture, then proceed to take another step. Sometimes that step is forwards, so you can move on or be productive with whatever situation life has thrown at you. Sometimes, that step is sideways, so you can avoid whatever the situation is because you know it'll cause you harm. One thing is for sure, though: you can't stand idly by. You have to take a step, no matter what. The minute you stay put, that's the minute your life starts to go downhill. You start to see more problems or flaws which means you have more steps to take, and they just keep adding up until you have to have the faith to leap in order to begin progressing again. Leaps are so much harder to make. So take the step. It may be hard, but I promise you it's worth it.

"'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,' so watch your step."
                     -Jeffrey R. Holland (quoting Lao Tzu)

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