March 9, 2015

Miracles In The Mud

Hello hello all my fantastic friends and family!!

I just want to start off and say I love you all a whole lot.

Now that that's out of the way ;)

This week's been crazy! I'm pretty sure Sis. Waite is just trying to kill me all the time. Okay, not really, but she is the driver, and we did get stuck in the mud twice this week. Once in front of some people who had just told us they no longer wanted to meet with us, and once in front of some recent converts. Perfect. But we got unstuck, thanks to the help of Heavenly Father!!

So more on Sis. Waite. She's from St. Helens, OR, and her family just spent the weekend in Seattle. That makes it convenient to visit her someday! She's really really energetic, and somedays it's hard to keep up with her and all of her energy. Especially with my anxious tendencies, it's been kind of hard, but we're working on finding the balance. She's super dedicated and focused on the work. She's also gluten free, which means no more fry bread, or Native tortillas. I almost cried when I found out because those things are so good! So did the elders! But, I've been reassuring the members that they can put it on the side for the 3 missionaries that can eat gluten, so that we still enjoy the delicousness of everything :)

Next on this week, I have a favor. PLEASE PRAY FOR BRANDON. He's our investigator, and he's being baptized this weekend, and Satan is hitting him SO hard. He has kind of a rough past, going in and out of jail a couple of times and living the legitimate thug life. But, he is so converted to the gospel. Everytime we meet with him my testimony is so strengthened of the Atonement and the power that it has in every person's life who is willing to accept it. He's such a stellar guy, and I know he's going to make it to baptism this weekend. But please pray that he will feel ready and that Satan will stop working on him. Every prayer counts!!

We made dinner this week for a less active family :) They are the Georges, and they are awesome! Two of the 5 came to church, and it was great. But yeah we made them dinner and had a lesson. Sis. George is one who was offended years and years ago, but hasn't come back to church. Bro. George is ready though, and he came to church this week! We made them tacos (my specialty of course) and it was super good!

Things that people call me: Garcia, Sis. Martinez, Sis. Gomez, Sis. Gonzalez, Sis. Sanchez. Yep. Most of the people around here just call me Garcia. Don't know why, they're not supposed to....but Sis. Waite thinks it's funny and I don't feel like I can correct them. But yep. If it's not Garcia it's some other typical Mexican sounding name :P

I lost 9 lambs. Out of 19. Okay, Sis. Waite helped me supposedly, but still! One of our investigators asked us to feed her sheep and her lambs, and to let the sheep out but keep the lambs in the corral. So, we did, but we accidentally let out one of the lambs. So for an hour we were trying so hard to put this lamb back in the corral, and finally her neighbor came out and helped us. So that was good. That was like at 9 in the morning. Then at 7 at night, this lady drove to our house when we were walking back from the senior couple's house, and she rolled down her window and said "You lost my lambs!" We hadn't been there since that morning!! But they were missing, and she was upset, and we probably won't end up teaching her anymore because she thinks we lost them. We think we were framed.

Also, speaking of sheep, we taught a lesson to a new investigator while we were sitting in a barn, on some hay bales, next to a sheep and it's newborn baby, and next to a dead lamb on the floor. Yep. Sis. Waite sat closest to it thank goodness. But it was just weird. And creepy.

So yeah this week's been crazy! But it's also been really great :)

Your challenge is going to be to talk to a random somebody and talk about the gospel. Do it! It's hard and awkward sometimes, but it's also really fun :)

And your scripture is Mosiah 26:30 and 2 Corinthians 12:15. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I love you all tons!! You're the greatest :)

Sister Garcia

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