December 4, 2014

Heading to the Legitimate RESERVATION!

That's right! They’re sending me to St. Michaels AZ, which is right next to Window Rock, capital of the Navajo nation! I went there once on exchanges when I was with Sis. Valdez in Kirtland, and the sister I went on exchanges with (Sis. Clark) is gonna be my companion! I'm way excited. It's going to be great...except you always do that thing where you psych yourself out about places, like what if they don't like me and what if the branch doesn't like missionaries and all that jazz. But, it's going to be great!!

I used an actual outhouse this week. Yep. It was great. Not.

For thanksgiving we walked goats with Steve and his wife Karen, then we ate lunch with an older couple which I didn't overeat at!! And then we went pie hopping to try everyone's pies. It was way good. Who knew there were so many different pies!!

So butchering the cow (whose name was Red Barrel).  IT WAS DISGUSTINGLY AWESOME. What I learned from the experience. I cannot raise cows because I cannot witness them being killed, let alone kill them. So the cow was killed by gunshot, and it didn't die. Well it did for a couple seconds, then it got up and ran away and they had to kill it again. It was horrible. I almost cried and it wasn't even my cow! Then we skinned it (or began to skin it) and hung it up and cut off the hooves and the head off (I could barely watch the hoof get sawed off. There was no way I could watch the head come off). Then Bro Bristol (the owner of Red Barrel) strung it up and let it hang and tried to get the intestine sack thing out. burst and started leaking this awful smelling, green, juicy, half digested cow funk that caused him to let out a couple of words that should not have been said. Soooo then Sis May and I had to hold up the deflated intestine sack while he tried to get it out without puncturing it again. That was a whole lot of nasty. Finally we got it out and then we had to leave before he finished skinning it (the least gross part). The worst (well one of the worst things) was going home to our house which is in front of the cow corrals and having to smell the cows all over again. Man that was gross. We both almost puked cuz it brought back the nastiness. I might've gone into shock a little bit after that, but hey it was a great experience!

We spoke in sacrament yesterday in La Sal about man's relationship with Christ! It was great. I wrote it down and I'll probably send it home if mom promises not to lose it or throw it away. Then we sang O Holy Night (which we were gonna sing for Christmas but won't be able to now).  We sang it acapella, which was really intimidating, but it turned out great! Then everyone came up and told us how much they were gonna miss us, they cried and we cried. Yeah. Lots of tears. Then we sped over to Paradox where we sang Come Thou Fount and also O Holy Night, also where we all cried together cuz we were leaving. But yesterday was a really good day.

So now I'm just panicking a little with how much we still have left to do, since we have to empty the apartment and pack all our stuff.

Fun fact before I'm outta time! 3.5% of our awake time is spent at church. That's it! That's all God asks of us. Pretty neat, huh? You might want to double-check our math though...

Anyways, your challenge is to go look at the He is the Gift video that the church put out! And then share it! Use the pass along cards in the new December ensign, post it on facebook, use #SharetheGift, bear your testimony of Christ to someone, just share it!! It'll be great.

And to accompany that, your scripture is John 3:16.

I love you all, and happy December!!
Sister Garcia

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