January 16, 2014

The Preparation Process

So as I've mentioned before, things have been changing for me these last few months, and these changes are going to continue. But they're good changes. I'm nearing the beginning of an amazing 18-month journey that will change my life (and hopefully the lives of many others), but it has required a lot of hard work and stress in these last few weeks and months. My to-do list seems never-ending. Let me show you:

-Read from the Scriptures daily
-Study Preach My Gospel
-Visit the doctor, dentist, and optometrist for final check-ups
-Spend time with family
-Have lunch with the most amazing little old ladies
-Buy little things here and there that I might need
-Pray, pray, and pray some more
-Figure out how many outfits I can fit into two suitcases
-Maybe relax a little
-Go to the temple often
-Complete the last few things online before I leave
-Spend time with friends
-Write and give a talk at church
-Teach a lesson or two
-Exercise (and not ruin it by eating my favorite foods)
-Unpack from college
-Re-pack my suitcases
-Serve those who are in need

My list of to-do's is long, but some of these things are also to-be's, meaning I need to act on them. I can talk the talk all I want, and I can tell you all the good things I've been doing and trying to do lately, but none of that matters unless I become those things; until I become the type of person who can emanate my Savior. I must incorporate those important things into my daily routine without letting those precious things become mundane.

Basically, I need to better myself. That's what this whole preparation process is doing for me, and I can see that now. Yeah, it's hard to prepare for something you haven't experienced before, but it's leading me (at least putting me on the right track) to become the missionary that I want to be, that I'm expected to be. And I can better myself now by being someone who feasts on the scriptures daily, who prays as soon as the feet hit the floor, who loves to spend time listening to others' stories, who lives to serve the Lord. 

This is what I'm striving to do now. 

This is who I can become.

Sister Garcia
New Mexico Farmington Mission
Jan. 2014-Aug. 2015

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