October 18, 2013

A Memory: The Bang

This is the version for electronic devices, though I prefer the actual board game.

My family is super into board games. When we have family nights, that's just what we do. It's quite wonderful. One of the games we discovered (courtesy of my dear uncle) is called Bang. Basically, you either play as a renegade, sheriff, deputy, or an outlaw, trying to win the card game by fulfilling your specific role. Well my family, being the way we are, decided that we should actually have a cowboy hat and shiny badge for the sheriff, listen to some good ol' western music, chew on toothpicks and play the game in a southern accent. Yup, we're just that cool.

It's a simple memory, picturing my family sitting around the table, all with toothpicks sticking out of their mouths, eyeing their cards and trying to figure out how to crush somebody else. But it's a memory that I treasure. Family will always be there, but they aren't always close to me physically. It can be hard, but it's nice to have these memories of spending time together to hold on to. Remember that your family is in your corner. They support you and fight for you, and that they do it in their own way. And don't forget to love on them...that's always a nice thing to do.

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