August 15, 2013

Tilting the Paper

Have you noticed that diagonal lines can be hard to draw? Maybe it's just me. My lines always end up not straight or running into each other or not-so-diagonal. I always have to angle the paper and draw those lines towards me. They always seem to turn out much better than had I kept the paper straight.

Sometimes in life, things get hard. That's just something you can't avoid. But you can look at things differently. Try looking at life from a new perspective, and it will amaze you at how much easier things seem or how many more amazing things you will notice that you hadn't before.

I think its easier to see the best of hard situations when you "look at your life through heaven's eyes."* What does that mean? It just means to look at your life from the Lord's perspective. Which means: you see yourself as beautiful or handsome. You see the good things that you do. You see the things and people God has blessed you with. It changes everything.

Tilt the paper. Change the angle. See the difference. Because there is. I promise.

*Prince of Egypt movie soundtrack "Through Heaven's Eyes"

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