July 30, 2013

The Uphill Battle

As I've mentioned before, I have to bike uphill to work, and I don't like it one bit. I was biking uphill yesterday, and it seemed especially hard. I kept thinking, I wish that this trek could always be downhill, that I didn't have to go uphill and fight this at all. I kept thinking about this, until finally I had two thoughts.

1. It's impossible to only have a downhill, unless the ground was somehow miraculously changing (that's a peek into my logical brain for you).

2. If my journey didn't have an uphill, I wouldn't appreciate the ease of the downhill.

It's almost indescribable, how much I appreciate knowing that it will all be easier if I can just get to the top of the hill. It's a great feeling, being able to coast back down to home. And then I remember that I have to do it all over again the next day, but I keep it in the back of my mind that it will be easier.

Some days, life seems to just hit us really hard. That's our personal uphill battle. But I want you to remember that it will get better. Maybe not soon, but your downhill will come. And when you get to the top and look down the hill, you will be able to see how far you've come, how much you've grown. And it will be amazing.

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