July 25, 2013

Nature's Promise

From a news article about inspiration from nature.
"...Nature has taught us that to make things resilient in the long term, there needs [to be] a flexible structure."
         -Markus Buehler (see above article)

Even nature is symbolic of how we are supposed to be. To be resilient, to be strong and uphold the things we hold dear, we have to be flexible. We need to allow ourselves wiggle room, and understand that we will never be perfect on our mortal sojourn. We need to understand that bad things happen--it's just a part of life; but we have to be flexible and mold ourselves into that person we are meant to become.

This is one of the many, many, many reasons I love my Father in Heaven so much. We can find Him anywhere. We can physically see His profound love for us, we just need to have the eyes to look for it. He is there, every step of the way, and He will never leave us alone. Nature testifies to that and so much more every single day.

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