April 3, 2013

Everyday Choices

Choice is a heavy reaponsibility that we treat way too lightly. It's a gift and a curse, as Mr. Adrian Monk would say. We choose to get up, we choose to brush our teeth, we choose what to wear, we choose what to do with our hair, we choose what to eat, and that's only a portion of a morning. We have a whole day ahead of us to choose anything and everything!

The most important choice we will ever make in a day is happiness. It seems cheesy and maybe a little weird, but we have to make the choice to be happy. My teacher said something that really struck a chord with me today. He said, "I may do 100 things right, but the one thing I do wrong will always stand out to me. But I have to choose to overlook it, to not let it rule my life."

Amazing, isn't it? That we have this power to choose what we do with our lives? There are people out there, both seen and unseen, whose sole purpose, it seems, is to make us miserable. I don't know about you, but I want to be victorious. I don't want to let those people win! So I am choosing to be happy. And it's a choice I'm making every day.

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